Adams GAT33 Artist Parsifal Bells

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Adams Artist and Concert Series Round Top Parsifal Bells are made of high quality steel that have been custom formulated especially for Adams. The bells exactly match the specifications of the round top Deagan Parsifal bells and to match the characteristics of the 1920s American sound.

Artist model: (Reversible Damper Pedal)
GAT33 Glock Artist Voyager Frame - 3.3 octave. C5-E8
Reversible dampener pedal
nickel plated steel resonators
natural wood oak rails and end pieces
height adjustable voyager frame

The Artist Series GAT-33 and GAF-33 feature a 3.3 octave (C-E) range including a reversible damper pedal, Nickel Plated Steel Resonators and Adams Patented Height Adjustable Voyager or Field Frame.

The advantage of a Voyager/Field frame over a case is that a case will always give a noise that is amplified by the sound box. Placing the bells on a Voyager/Field frame will therefore be a convenient and mobile solution.

All bars are 1.25 wide (inch and a quarter) and 7/16 thick with the highest quality satin nickel plating which prevents any bright glare under stage lighting.

Another major Artist Series feature is the Patent Pending Reversible Damper System. This system allows the notes to be easily and effectively pedal dampened like a vibraphone or reverse-depending on the players preference.
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