Ádhamh - Islands LP

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1. Chirality 07:54
2. Igneous 05:37
3. Entaglement 06:55
4. Resonance 05:27
5. Rayleigh Scattering 05:23
6. Coulombic Interaction 05:42

Faoi Thalamh are very happy to share their first physical release; the ''Below'' EP by Ádhamh.

Exploring sub-atomic atmospheres through the medium of minimal techno, Ádhamh penetrates ''below'' the physical, rigid realm of reality to bring us on a journey through quantum states of being.

Hypnotic driving grooves and dark, subterranean textures drive forward an exploration of the concept of ''Crithir''; that which refers to the vulnerability and insubstantiality of solid objects.

Limited availability of 12" Transparent 180g Vinyl.
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