Alex Cunningham - Knell Cassette

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Alex Cunningham is a violinist, improviser and visual artist based in St. Louis, MO. Knell is his fourth solo violin release, and the third of which that's entirely improvised. 

Initially seeming to document a brutal attack on the instrument, the album progresses more like a surgical examination, with Cunningham.digging into the physical properties of wood, bow and strings to wrench out a wealth of sonic detail. Downtuning and sheer kinetic intensity produce harsh abrasion, percussive rattling, and rich overtones, and there's even an attempt to utilise the violin as a wind instrument. Tonal playing is only arrived at after apparently significant effort, in bursts of backwoods hysteria. 

Vital free improv that's both rigourous and playful.


1. Laughter in the Dark 06:14
2. Hearsay 04:55
3. The River Took Your Child 09:03
4. Derision 06:01
5. Piece for F-hole and Breath 01:31
6. Unica 05:16
7. Storm Cellar 05:09
8. Beside Her on the Grass 01:42

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