D'Addario Ball End Classical Strings

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The D'Addario EJ32C Folk Clear Nylon Ball End Guitar Strings is a set of six strings for a classical guitar. The EJ32C set features silver wound basses, clear nylon trebles and ball ends to facilitate easy installation on classical or steel string acoustic guitars, if desired. Precision acoustic alloys are wound on multi-filament cores and combined with high-quality nylon for a warm, mellow and balanced tone.

The main features of the D'Addario EJ32C Folk Clear Nylon Ball End Guitar Strings include:

For: 6-String Classical Guitar
Material: Silver-Plated Wound
Trebles: Clear Nylon
Basses: Silver-Wound
End: Ball
Gauge Dimensions: .028-.032-.040-.031-.037-.045
Manufacturer: D'Addario
Unit: Set
Instrument: Concert guitar
Gauge: Medium
Material: Nylon
Bass strings: Silver plated
Polished: No
Coated: No
Ball end: Yes
7-string: No
8-string: No
12-string: No
Wound G-String: No
D-string included twice: No
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