D'Addario End Pin Anchor for Cello & Double Bass: Black

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D'Addario End Pin Anchor for Cello & Double Bass, Black Overview
The D'Addario End Pin Anchor for cello and bass is a non slip style end pin anchor suitable for cello, bass and any other instrument that uses an endpin or spike, such as shortreach bassoon or bass clarinet. The rubber design means this anchor works by gripping the floor with friction and your instrument's spike is simply placed on the textured top. This will grip to a wide variety of floors such as carpet, wood and concrete. Your instrument will not be moving very far with this product!

The anchor will also protect floors from damage. Holes in carpets or scratches to wooden floors are often an issue with spikes, especially from heavier instruments like the double bass. The textured top also provides a benefit in that it's easier to place your instrument onto it. A lot of endpin anchors have a small hole for the spike which can be difficult to fit the spike into. This is an ideal product for any cello or double bass player - end pin anchors will be needed for your entire playing career so you will definitely want one or two of these around.
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