Nirvana – Sliver (The Best Of The Box) CD

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Fecal Matter– Spank Thru (1985 Demo) 3:45
Skid Row – Heartbreaker (Live) 2:59
Bliss – Mrs. Butterworth (Rehearsal Demo) 4:04
Ted Ed Fred– Floyd The Barber (Live) 2:33
Kurt Cobain– Clean Up Before She Comes (Home Demo) 3:12
Kurt Cobain– About A Girl (Home Demo) 2:44
Nirvana– Blandest (Studio Demo) 3:56
The Jury – Ain't It A Shame (Studio Demo) 2:03
Nirvana– Sappy (1990 Studio Demo) 3:33
Kurt Cobain– Opinion (Solo Acoustic Radio Appearance) 1:35
Kurt Cobain– Lithium (Solo Acoustic Radio Appearance) 1:49
Kurt Cobain– Sliver (Home Demo) 2:10
Nirvana– Smells Like Teen Spirit (Boom Box Version) 5:40
Nirvana– Come As You Are (Boom Box Version) 4:10
Nirvana– Old Age (Nevermind Outtake) 4:21
Nirvana– Oh The Guilt 3:25
Kurt Cobain– Rape Me (Home Demo) 3:23
Nirvana– Rape Me (Band Demo) 3:03
Nirvana– Heart Shaped Box (Band Demo) 5:33
Kurt Cobain– Do Re Mi (Home Demo) 4:24
Kurt Cobain– You Know You're Right (Home Demo) 2:30
Kurt Cobain– All Apologies (Home Demo) 3:33
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