Various Artists ‎– Two Niles To Sing A Melody: The Violins & Synths Of Sudan 3LP

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A1 –Emad Sayyah* Al Bareedo Ana (The One I Love) 6:42
A2 –Abdel El Aziz Al Mubarak* Ma Kunta Aarif Yarait (I Wish I Had Known) 7:56
B1 –Kamal Tarbas Min Ozzalna Seebak Seeb (Forget Those That Divide Us) 6:31
B2 –Madjzoub Ounsa Arraid Arraid Ya Ahal (Love, Love Family) 4:50
B3 –Khojali Osman Malo Law Safeetna Inta (What If You Resolve What’s Between Us?) 5:05
C1 –Zaidan Ibrahim* Ma Hammak Azabna (You Don’t Care About My Suffering) (Live) 4:47
C2 –Saied Khalifa Igd Allooli (The Pearl Necklace) 4:28
C3 –Taj Makki* Ma Aarfeen Nagool Shino! (We Don’t Know What to Say!) 5:32
D1 –Hanan Bulu Bulu* Alamy Wa Shagiya (My Pain And Suffering) (Live) 3:32
D2 –Abdelmoniem Ekhaldi Droob A Shoag (Paths To Love) 5:28
D3 –Samira Dunia Galbi La Tahwa Tani (My Heart, Don’t Fall In Love Again) 4:34
E1 –Mohammed Wardi* Al Sourah (The Photo) 9:04
E2 –Abdullah Abdelkader Al Zaman Zamanak (It’s Your Time) 6:11
F1 –Mustafa Modawi & Ibrahim El Hassan Al Wilaid Al Daif (The Youth Who Came As A Guest) 7:74
F2 –Ibrahim El Kashif* Elhabeeb Wain? (Where Is My Sweetheart?) 1:56
F3 –Mohammed Wardi* Al Mursal (The Messenger) 11:35
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