SÍOMHA - Infinite Space 2LP

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2 x LP 180G Vinyl

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Infinite Space is the debut album from Irish artist Síomha. A collection of 11 unique tracks in Irish and English, it is truly one of a kind. These heartfelt and enduring songs, paired with the deep complexity of their production and arrangements, make for an original yet instantly approachable sound - a kind of cosmic, folk- rooted, jazz-tinged, post-pop. Listeners are drawn in by the familiar while simultaneously catapulted into a space of ethereal newness and musical mastery. 

The album was recorded in Ann Arbor, MI, and  produced by Grammy nominated Tyler Duncan (Carly Rae Jepsen/ Theo Katzman/ the olllam). It features an all-star lineup of musicians including bassist Joe Dart (Vulfpeck), drummer Louis Cato (Bobby McFerrin/ Snarky Puppy) and violinist Jeremy Kittel (Bela Fleck/ Chris Thile).

Síomha explains “The album is an exploration of our ability as humans to change, to break the habits and patterns imposed upon us from a young age by family and society through fully engaging with our true selves, exploring both the light and dark within and around us.”

Síomha’s love for music was passed on to her by her father, a traditional Irish musician. Growing up in the West of Ireland, her first introduction to the stage was at an Irish language primary school where music and song were revered. She picked up the guitar at age 10 and began to find her own voice through songwriting soon after. 

Síomha is an artist full of heart. With the wisdom in her lyrics and the sheer power of her voice, she asks some of the most relevant and important questions of today and explores them with courage, transcendence and yet utter humanness. Her voice is imbued with raw,  profound experience. When listening to Síomha, audiences are instantly moved to feel on the deepest level and emerge from the experience more intimately connected to their own worlds.

Infinite Space is an emporium of passionate artistry, a tapestry woven by exceptionally skilled musicians. The musical landscape is painted by breathtaking strings, worlds of percussion, lush horns, rich choral arrangements and a rhythm section rooted in groove. The tracks induce a soulful journey for the listener, who is intrigued first by curious sounds, then swept away in symphonic genius. Beautiful,  reflective writing, in both Irish and English, inhabits this sonic universe, creating a truly culture-shaping work. 
Infinite Space is a musical narrative to meaningful life. It is a declaration of the individual as part of a greater whole. To listen to this album is to be held in the embrace of a midnight sky, feeling the stars ignite within your heart and hearing the roots grow beneath your feet all at the same time. Infinite Space invites us to question and celebrate in equal parts the very blood and bones of being human.


“What an exciting surprise to hear Síomha’s new record ‘Infinite Space’. Complex yet accessible, challenging yet warm and inviting. Vibrant vocals, soulful songs, heartfelt lyrics, mighty players. Music as sophisticated as this is a rarity these days.”



“Infinite Space feels like warmth to me. Relentless velvet wrapped around me as it holds my hand through what can only be described as psychedelic musical therapy. It is clear that the vastly talented kindred spirits responsible for this album had their arms wide open to sound, arrangement and experimentation. There is no fear - there is only bravery and care, emotion and space. Síomha deserves all of this - an intensely talented human with a clear vision of her world.”


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