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The Vinyl Revival, Fad or Fact?

The Vinyl Revival, Fad or Fact?

 The Vinyl Revival, Fad or Fact? 

Probably the most asked question we get from people when they call in to the store; “Look at all that vinyl, is it really back?”


The answer in our opinion is “Yes”.

 We’re always interested in keeping an eye on who is buying the vinyl because it’s the easiest way to tell if something is a fad or a growing trend. The age demographic, gender and what they’re buying all point to the answer.

The general perception is that it’s older men buying mountains of classic rock albums and reliving the music from their childhoods and the answer really isn’t that simple. Sure that is there but it’s accompanied by numerous groupings most notably Generation Z (people born after 1996) and Generation Alpha (After 2011). Our youngest regular customer is a 5 year old boy who every few weeks asks his parents to bring him in, to pick out albums from our second-hand section. A 5 year old? He’s not an anomaly either, he’s one of the youngest members of these new generations of people looking for something more tangible to collect and enjoy. What attracts them to it? For this child - as his parent’s explained - he loves the novelty of picking his record, the size of the artwork, the whole experience of placing the vinyl on the turntable and carefully dropping the needle. There is two entire generations that have never dropped a needle on a record or had to use a pencil to fix a cassette tape.

Music fans now enjoy the ease of everything at their fingertips; digital downloads (legal and illegal) and more recently - streaming. Digital ways of listening to music have their place but what was lost since their introduction is the art of maintaining a collection. The majority of people, as they grow up, develop a music collection based largely around their personality and what represents them - different times in their lives, their experiences and emotions, it’s all there in their collections. With physical formats it’s real, it exists, it’s tangible. In my generation and older I don’t think I know anyone that hasn’t sat around with friends going through their music collection and discussing the ‘band’ that they found that no one else knows about yet and the pure pride of introducing their friends to them. It was a badge of honour. Humans like to collect, its in our nature; it’s how we establish our identity and individuality and create something that represents our lives. The only thing that surprises me is that it has taken the youngsters this long to realise what they were missing out on.

Mark’s Gig Picks

Steamboat Presents:

Berea College Bluegrass Ensemble from Kentucky

July 11th 8pm - Chez les Fab, Limerick

A 5 piece Bluegrass band from the heartland of American bluegrass. Comprised of teacher Al White and master students, you won’t hear more authentic bluegrass music.


Steamboat Presents:

Happy Abandon

July 11th - Charlie Malone’s, Limerick

As part of the Tuesday night Acoustic Club in Charlie Malone’s, Steamboat has sponsored North Carolina band Happy Abandon as part of their first ever Irish tour to perform in Limerick before some festival dates in the UK. Their highly anticipated debut album is released in August and they’re already being tipped for big things.


Christy Moore

July 8th - Lakeside Hotel, Ballina

I only recently took out my copy of Christy’s second album Prosperous, one of my favourite acts.

 Clonacody ’17 - A Musical Picnic

In aid of Irish Motor Neuron Association

Clonacody House, Fethard, Satuday 8pm:

Clonmel Concert Band - Sunday 2pm

Family Fund Day & Picnic - Sunday 7:30pm

 The Clonacody Proms - Gaudeamus Choir & Orchestra perform the music of Gilbert and Sullivan.

  • Mark Carey
Festival Season kicks off with Live On Air 2017

Festival Season kicks off with Live On Air 2017


A massive congrats to all the acts that are about to rock the Live on Air festival in Sligo, including a lot of the store’s friends, Lisa Canny, Nile St. James, Hermitage Green, Toucan, Strung, Laura Duff, Nice Tiger, Siomha, Rusangano Family, Dora Gola, Hoodman Blind and Moxie.

And a special mention to Steamboat’s Mike Hogan and Martin Atkinson Borrull who both will miss work on Saturday because they were playing at the festival :D Well done lads.


June Gig Picks


Thomond Sessions - Sean’s Walk & Mide Houlihan

June 9th - Chez le Fab - 8pm

The monthly gig we sponsor is back for the June edition, featuring Sean’s Walk and Mide Houlihan it will be a great night in their new venue Chez le Fab. We had a lot of fun hosting the Thomond Session in our own store for International Record Store Day.


dREA Acoustic Show

 June 10th - Dolan’s - 9pm

dREA returns to Dolans for an intimate full band acoustic show will be showcasing some new material .

Special Guests Robert John (Formerly Senakah) and Louise O Flanagan.

dRea’s latest album is available in store in Steamboat Records.


Declan O’Rourke

 June 16th - Dolans - 8pm

One of my favourites, Declan O’Rourke returns to Limerick to play the intimate setting of upstairs in Dolans. Many will remember the enchanting evening last Christmas when Declan performed outside our former store on Thomas Street. You can listen back to those videos on our youtube channel


Phil Rudd Band (Formerly of AC/DC) 

June 29th - Dolans - 8pm

Not really sure what to say about this, one of rock’s greatest ever drummers is playing in Limerick.

Tickets are only 22 euros.

He created the drum tracks for Highway to Hell and Back in Black, just saying. You’d be mad to miss this.

  • Mark Carey
We made it through April :D What a Party

We made it through April :D What a Party

How was April?
We started the month with our official opening day. Over 500 people called in to check out our new superstore. We had food, music and drink on all day, which may have had something to do with the turnout being so high! It was a hugely enjoyable celebration and thanks to all who made it.

This was soon followed with the craziness that is International Record Store Day, we had 14 different acts performing between our own store during the day and in Dolan’s Warehouse and the Kasbah that night.

It was fantastic the support all the musicians got from our customers and friends. We’ve already decided to make nights like that a regular occurrence.

We can’t wait, there are so many bands we couldn’t involve with this one and we really want to put on as much of them as possible over the next year and make the Steamboat Takeovers a time-honoured tradition.


Mark’s Gig Picks

Booka Brass Band
8pm 20th May – Dolan’s
These guys are an experience, they throw some party. If you want a great Saturday night out, check them out. A 7 piece band, lots of cool brass pop and funk covers.

Train Room
8pm 20th May – Chez Le Fab
One of Limerick’s newest music venues, superb cafe/wine bar Chez le Fab play hosts to the relaxing Train Room, if you’re looking for something to chill out to, in a comfy environment, this is it.

Andy Irvine & Paul Brady
7pm 26th May – University Concert Hall
I’ve had the pleasure of meeting these two gents a few times in the store and been luckier still to have seen them live on numerous occasions. They’re celebrating 40 years since their iconic self titled album was released and with original musicians from the album Dónal Lunny and Kevin Burke involved too, it’ll be a special evening in UCH.


  • Mark Carey
Our BIG Move / Record Store Day

Our BIG Move / Record Store Day


Our BIG Move

We’ve had an extremely busy March, our 6 month lease on our record store in Thomas St. is up now and we’ve relocated the store to Steamboat Quay to create Munster’s 1st ever Music superstore. Everything from instruments, cds, records and dvd under one roof. We’re delighted with it, it’s given us a lot more space for the record store aspect of our business and we’ve increased our range of stock dramatically. We’re also now buying and selling 2nd hand vinyl too.

We’re celebrating our move into the big store on April 1st we have a big sale in store and live DJ’s performing through out the day.


International Record Store Day/Festival

Saturday April 22

The biggest day for independent record stores worldwide sees a massive selection of new limited edition releases from a vast array of artists including 2 new releases from David Bowie which will certainly have people eagerly waiting for April 22nd.

To celebrate our move and RSD we’ve decided to put on a mini festival of sorts. We’re celebrating a lot of the local acts that have released new music in the last year with several music events through out the day and night including:

Thomond Sessions - Steamboat Quay

The monthly music event we sponsor in Chez la Fab will be hosted in Steamboat Music this month and it’s going to be bigger than ever with a lot of the acts that have featured at the sessions over the last year returning for this special event.

The Kasbah & Dolans Takeover 8pm

We have a jam packed night in Dolans planned with a host of acts playing across the two venues. Fox Jaw, Siomha, Nile St. James, Parliament Square, Anna’s Anchor, Tigwara and Bleeding Heart Pigeons are all set to perform. It’ll be a really great celebration of local music and everything we stand for.


Hermitage Green

Hermitage Green set to rock the castle for Riverfest in their biggest every headline performance. The guys always put on a great show and it should be a fantastic night out. They’ve gone from strength to strength over the last few years. It’s great to have a local act headlining Riverfest - Sunday April 30th


  • Mark Carey
February Update

February Update

February 28th 2017

February had some great gigs and we had a wonderful time with Chic drummer Ralph Rolle at the store. I’ll be uploading his clinic in full to our youtube channel in the next week.
The month was quite busy for the stores, lots of planning going on as we prepare for March, which will be a time of further renovations for us. In the last 6 months we’ve added over 6,000 products to our stores, so we’re busy trying to find the best way for us to showcase them all. We’ve some major things happening in April based around the International Record Store Day that’ll be just the ticket with all the music fans of Limerick. Work’s well underway for that.

Our new website will be launching in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for that. Really excited about it because for the first time all our stock will be fully live on the site, so if it’s on the site, it’s in store. Hopefully will be a game changer for purchasing instruments, accessories, music and film media in Ireland. Fast, efficient deliveries nationwide.

I wanted to include a special mention for local customers of mine, Parcel of Rogues who recently launched their debut album Live and Interrupted. Fine collection of ballads and folk songs. Best of luck to them with the new cd.

And finally Ed Sheeran has his new album out March 3rd which we’ll have available in store in Thomas Street on the day. It is definitely going to be the biggest selling album of 2017 for us. Irish band Beoga with Limerick native Niamh Dunne feature on a couple of tracks so that really makes it special.

Gig Picks

Napalm Death

March 17th Dolan’s Warehouse 8pm
Hard Rock/Metal promoters, Bad Reputation providing an insane pre show to their upcoming Siege of Limerick festival in April with Grindcore legends Napalm Death playing in Dolans. This will be a sell out for sure, Limerick for a long time has had a very strong support for metal and the Siege festival, which is completely free, has gone from strength to strength since it’s inception in 2008, a credit to the group who organise it. It’s one of the best supported metal festivals in the country and it’s no surprise considering how many metal fans we meet every day.

Limerick Fringe Festival

Limerick’s inaugural Fringe Festival starts March 30th for 3 days. A wide range of events, from comedy, dance, spoken word, theatre and of course music. Some of the highlights I’d suggest checking out are:

Hoodman Blind
Individually these 3 are exceptional musicians so combined, Niamh, Sean and Finn can only do great things. Heavily influenced by Nordic folk music, Hoodman Blind’s take on Irish folk makes for an enjoyable night.
Friday 31st March, Shannon Rowing Club, 9.15pm

On the same night is original modern rock/funk band, Tigwara. They released their new ep last year to rave reviews. I was lucky enough to hear them in Cobbles at the launch and I’ll certainly be checking them out again.
Friday 31st March, Shannon Rowing Club, 11.45pm

Raging Sons
Launching their first album at the festival, should be a big year for the Limerick natives.Friday 31st March, Dolans Warehouse, 9.15pm

Barry Jay Hughes
From Co. Monaghan, singer songwriter Barry Jay has been busy touring his second EP ‘Tried and Treasured” which has seen him receive plenty of air play national and internationally.
Friday 31st March, Mother Macs, 9.15pm
Saturday 1st April, Mother Macs, 9.15pm

  • Mark Carey